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Bergen, Norway Bergen Harbour

Recently we revisited Bergen, Norway. We had forgotten what a delightful city it is. Whenever you have mountains down to the sea, you know you have the perfect formula for a special experience. Bergen is such a place. Our September visit brought us not […]

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The Romantic Rhine

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koblenzGermany is rich in quaint villages and beautiful scenery.  One of the best places to see all this in a nutshell is a trip down the UNESCO World Heritage listed part of the Rhine River.  Here you will see spectacular castles or schloss,  perched on the […]

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The Verona Opera

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Arena di Verona

If you love Italy and you love opera, this your time to be in the UNESCO world heritage city of Verona.  Attending an opera in Italy is very different than attending in the US.  And the Verona Opera isn’t like going to the opera at the […]

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We are constantly amazed at how few people know about Annecy, France. Perhaps the French want to keep a few places just for themselves, and this is one of them!  Often called the Venice of the Alps, Annecy has spectacular scenery with a beautiful lake framed by the mountains […]

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Visit Greece?

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Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard about the financial crisis in Greece. Having voted against the EU sanctions, it seems likely that the problem will continue for some time.

The British Foreign Office has advised British tourists travelling to Greece to avoid relying on […]

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Salzburg Festival: July 18 – August 30, 2015

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One of the best known festivals in all of Europe is the Salzburg Festival, also known as the Salzburg Music Festival.  The Salzburg Festival 2015 will include 188 performances in 44 days over 12 venues.

Hellbrunn Palace is a Salzburg Festival venue Hellbrunn Palace is one of the venues for the festival. […]

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The iExpo Milano 2015 Universal Exhibition

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expomilano Visit Expo Milano 2015

This is a great time to visit Milan, Italy, which is hosting the Universal Exhibition iExpo Milano 2015 through October 31, 2015. Over a six-month period, Milan is being transformed into a global showcase where more than 140 participating countries are showing […]

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Ports of Call

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Let’s explore the 3 areas the cruise ships frequent. Both ships mentioned above, as well as several others frequent the Med and at least a part of the Aegean.


If you crave to sample the ancient world where the roots of European civilization began you have to head for the Aegean, Athens […]

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Paris Tours

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If you want delve deeper into the sights you see or get around in a vehicle giving you more protection from the elements, you really need to experience a tour. Paris has a wealth of tour experiences both in and out of the city in a comfortable heated or air […]

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Step Back in Time with a visit to Southwest France

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We have travelled through many beautiful regions of France in the past but the southwest somehow eluded us. So this year was the one to take a sample and see if it warranted more extensive exploration in the future. The verdict was an astounding yes.

Since everyone always needs a little Paris, after a few fun […]

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