About Us

David and Arlene Brown

David and Arlene Brown pictured at a dinner to mark the 30th anniversary of the opening of the The Foynes Flying Boat and Maritime Museum on the Shannon Estuary. Don Moloney, 2019

Thanks for visiting our site! Our goal when we began was to create an ongoing reference for our favorite little trips and places around Europe so that we could easily share them with our friends and visitors to the site. We also wanted a place to put our favorite links and tools, because we travel, and just like you, we are always looking for the best or most attractive options for our travel budget. So we use this site a lot – from the time a trip comes to mind through the planning stage and finally to book our travel. Here you will find the tools we use, which we hope are presented in a logical and easy to find way, and we believe there just might be something interesting here for you to find. We’ve experienced a lot in our travels, both good and bad, so we hope to be able to highlight the good part and help you eliminate as much as the bad as we possibly can!

We are sometimes asked how we came to learn about some of the things found on the site. Arlene is a consummate travel investigator, and when we are not traveling ourselves, and experiencing new locations and sites to see firsthand, she is often researching travel subjects. Everything you will find here is completely our own content – not commercially generated copy, but a re-telling of experiences we have had in the places we have liked the most. We have also added and continue to update a compilation of ideas we find while doing research. As the site is intended to be more of a detailed and long term reference, you may enjoy reading our most recent experiences on our FaceBook Page, which we update most frequently when we are hanging around Europe.

Being a “Mom and Pop” (actually “Grandma and Papa”) shop, keeping our little site going has to be kept in perspective with other aspects of life, as we don’t have anyone else to pawn it off on! If you see any errors or something you think we ought to present differently, please let us know!

We are always going new places, revisiting some of the old favorites, and finding new resources and ideas that could be useful to our visitors and ourselves, so there are regular content updates. Throughout this process, we strive to assure that all the links are accurate and the information is correct. We hope you will find ideas, but don’t forget that we can also help you individually, as we are affiliated with one of the country’s largest travel agencies. So if you would prefer us to do the work and just enjoy the process, just contact us and let us know.

Thanks again for stopping by, and we wish you safe and happy travels!

David & Arlene, The Savvy Travelers