Enjoy the Experience!

enjoying travelFinally! The work is done, and you are ready to enjoy the experience of your trip. We’ve always thought that the best way to do that is to get into the culture of the area where you are visiting.  Whether you are in another state or at an exotic destination, each has it’s own unique lifestyle that is different from what you are used to.

So how do you experience this?  We’re glad you asked, because this is the whole point of The Savvy Traveler. What we recommend is that you don’t just pass through – stay a while!  Maybe you can’t live in a foreign country, but the longer you visit, the more at home you become. And you will find, as we did, that being a resident can be even more fun than being a passer-by. Staying put in one place gives you the opportunity to see life as the locals do, not just as a tourist.  Find a cozy pub, a little patisserie or a favourite restaurant and make some friends.  This is a rich and rewarding experience.

While you’re there, get to know the area by taking some tours.  Wherever you are, there are tours available to take you to interesting places.  From airport transfers to city tours and multi-day coach tours, there is something for everyone.  So why wait?  Book a tour now!