Isle of Inismore FerryFerries can be a most convenient and enjoyable way to get around Europe. Ferry travel can range from a quick hop across the Channel to a long, overnight trip on a large ferry with accommodations that rival a cruise ship. One of our most enjoyable trips involved an overnight ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo. We even took a ferry once when we thought we were on a train – we booked overnight rail accommodations from Stockholm to Brussels, and our rail car was swallowed into the cargo bay of a big ferry for a portion of the trip!

We use ferries regularly to Ireland, as we prefer to take our own car from the UK whenever we have the time to do so. There are also plenty of ferries from the UK to France and other points in Europe, so if you don’t mind changing the side of the road, it is really convenient to get all over Europe using ferries for part of your journey.

If you would like to include a ferry in your journey, just contact us, and we will find just the right route!

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