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We are busy working to identify the very best complementary resources and programs for our visitors. Why is this important? Because we want to provide you with up to date relevant information so you will come back to visit again – and tell your friends!.

As much as we enjoy writing about travel, it does take time, and our reward comes when you use our travel partners. You will find links to some around the site, but most are in the booking section. Also, don’t forget the great selection of tours we have made available that can make your experience one you will never forget! You will also find a complete list of our these resources on our Travel Partners page.

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So in addition to the helpful resources below, if you are looking to book a trip, take a tour or even just buy a book about travel, please check with one of our partners first. We specialise in providing you the resources to find the best possible price for your travel budget.

That said, we thought you might like to see some of the resources we have found helpful. Check back, because these are updated regularly:

Ready to go?  First thing to do is check the weather, and a great great place to start is the Holiday Weather website.

If you are really a weather junkie and want to be amazed, try the Norway weather site, Not just for Norway, you can get hourly forecasts for almost anywhere on the planet – and we’ve found them almost weirdly accurate!

FlightsFrom is a great new website that lets you see all flights from any airport anywhere. Once there, you can look at specific dates an locations – a great way to start your trip planning.

Want the latest facts on your destination? Use the World FactBook.

Get important up to date information on passports and other travel-related topics at the US State Department or the UK’s Home Office Travel Abroad site.

Travel health information can be found at the US Center for Disease Control.

Travel is for everyone, and even if you have a disability, you should make every effort to get out and see the world.  Almost all of our content is our own, but when Laura Miller contacted us about her article, Travelling with a Medical Condition, we thought it was important to share it.

die bahnThere are lots of train sites out there where you can get schedules, but most are really focused on their own national rails. The best, however, is Germany’s Deutsche Bahn’s site, Die Bahn which has outdone them all with schedules of anything that moves on rails anywhere in Europe. An added bonus is that if you are traveling in certain countries (Germany of course is one), the timetable even gives you the platform number. No information on where on the platform to stand, but we expect they will add it soon!

We are users of all kinds of travel services and accessories, so we often participate in reviews.  We believe that good service should be rewarded and that fellow travellers need to know. Conversely, when a provider gets it wrong, they deserve to be told and given a chance to correct their approach.

Many of our reviews appear on one or more travel sites, and some can be found here. To narrow down the category, click on one of the category types above. – PS: You may also want to check out our product reviews on Amazon!reviews

And finally, if you are a frequent traveler, MoneyCorp can provide a broad range of currency conversion services.