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This is where the fun begins!  So many possibilities and all those places to see. If you have not been there before, consider Europe. And if you have, we know you will want to go back!  You will find a multitude of interesting countries, all with their own unique cultures, inviting you to visit. History abounds everywhere, rich in every country. But nothing happens until you have a plan…

We’ve lived in the UK and have naturally spent lots of time there.  But we also are in Ireland and Italy frequently, as well as France, Germany, Spain and a host of other countries.  Once you get to know Europe, you will find that you feel at home everywhere.

You may want to start by looking at your own family. If you have relatives, or even ancestors, from a particular region, that can become the basis of a great trip.  Or, if you speak a foreign language, by all means…go there and hone up your skills.

We’ll try to give you the benefit of our own experience here on the site and make suggestions for places to see, to stay and what to do.  To get started, just click on any of the country links at the top of each page or to the right to explore the possibilities.  We are constantly updating the site, and our goal is to write helpful information about all the countries where we visit.  The process takes time, so some pages will point to our tour site for now.  But keep checking back, as we will be adding more information regularly.

Have fun!