We were mostly disappointed with our stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Queens/JFK, but we will give them another chance.  The first problem arose from the information the Hilton system supplies to the booking agents.  They state:

“..Less than 3 miles from John F. Kennedy Airport and minutes from the attractions of Manhattan,this hotel in Jamaica, New York offers free 24-hour shuttle service to and from the airport…”

In actual fact, this is not the case.  We found upon arrival that they do not pick up directly at the terminal, but at a train station not far away.  This might be appropriate for travelers with only a little luggage, but if you have a lot, you would be best served to avoid the train and take a taxi to the hotel.  Our taxi ride cost about $15, including tip.  The shuttle bus runs every half hour, and on the trip back you will be taken directly to the arrivals area for your airline.

To be honest, the problem is not under control of Hilton, as it is a government mandate applicable to all hotel shuttle services in the area.  But Hilton should have made this clear to the booking sites, as the information provided does not set the proper expectations.

Barring that, the hotel is at least convenient for a quick overnight stay.  But there were still more problems…

When we reached the room, rather small, but then it is New York, we found that due to an unbelievably amateurish decorative error, there was only about 8″ between the corner of the bed and a cabinet on the left wall.  The result was that it was impossible to get our bags into the room without lifting and sliding them across the bed.  All this would have been easily eliminated by correctly placing the furniture in the first place, which could have been done in such a manner as to get all the furniture in and still leave plenty of access space.  OK…picky, picky, picky…but, really?

In favor of the hotel, the room was otherwise comfortable and had all the latest kit to handle our computers, iPhones, etc.  There was a small fee for use of the in-room WiFi, which I find terrible, but it at least wasn’t a bank breaker.  We also found the staff to be quite helpful and in fact sympathetic when, upon checking out, we provided our suggested solution to the room furniture dilemma.  Copious notes were taken and promises were even made to resolve the issues quickly.  We’ll see, but at least they seemed sympathetic.

Altogether, we’d have to say about a 7 out of 10, but we are open to see if any changes were in fact made when we are back next trip.