Car Hire Companies are out of control!  Need to hire a car in Europe?  The state of the industry is terrible! Practically all the car hire companies won’t even rent to you unless you take their expensive extra insurance package.  Or if they do, they hit your credit card for an unheard of charge in advance.  And don’t even think of using a debit card – your entire bank account could be drained instantly with the deposit!

car hire company Kia sport 3So, what’s a traveller to do?  We recommend just biting the bullet and paying your money for the insurance.  Not only will it protect you, but it will also save you the hassles of these immediate charges.  And some car hire companies will actually negotiate with you if pressed.  For instance, if you want an additional driver, you might say, “OK, I’ll take the insurance if you will waive the additional driver fee.”  That has worked for us on some occasions.

But if you are travelling to the UK, you needn’t worry.  We’ve found the best little car hire company in the country – possibly in the entire world, but sadly they don’t rent in Outer Mongolia.  Tucked away by a village rail station on a major train line to London, these guys have great selection of cars at prices well below those at the airport.  And the cars are well equipped – some even automatic with sat nav for no exorbitant surcharge.  You can opt for the extra insurance or not, but the price is reasonable, and if you want to go to France or Ireland, that’s even possible with an inexpensive rider.

A full range of vehicles is available by the Day, Week, Month and even Year from the compact Fiat 500X, the new Fiat 124 Spider convertible to large Estate cars, 7 seaters and even the Hyundai i800 (8 seater) as well as both smaller and larger vans.  Rates start from £27 daily or £145 weekly, and all prices include taxes and insurance.

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