Viking Air Options

airplane in sunset sky

Airfare can be included in any Viking cruise from most gateways. Often there are specials that allow for reduced or even free airfare. Options are Standard Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class. Availability varies by cruise itinerary.

For those wishing to extend their stay or even fly into or out of a different city from that of the cruise, there are 2 “Air” options available. We refer to them as Air and Air+. Each is an additional $100 per person.

Air allows the passenger to fly to or from port cities at different dates while Air+ allows the passenger to not only change the dates but also the arrival or departure city. Note that if this option is selected, the passenger will be responsible for covering airfare to the cruise port from wherever they are.

As an example, for a cruise departing Amsterdam and arriving in Basel, Air would allow the passenger to arrive in Amsterdam prior to the cruise date and/or depart Basel after the arrival date. Air+ would allow the passenger to fly to another city, for example Paris, before the cruise and stay until the cruise date. In this case, they would be responsible for the cost of transportation from Paris to Amsterdam. The same holds true for the departure. Should a passenger wish to extend their trip and fly out of a city other than Basel, this would be possible. Again, they would be responsible for their own transportation to their chosen departure city.

Note that the Air option is required in order to take advantage of the Air+ option, so the cost totals $200 per passenger.