Viehhofen, Austrian Alps

vh20We’ll be staying in Viehhofen, in Cottage No. 20, owned by the UK Holiday Property Bond. Viehhofen is about 200km from Munich and about 85km south of Salzburg. Munich is probably going to be the best point of arrival.  There are 3 apartments in the cottage, however only 2 are suitable for a party of our size: No. 20A on the ground floor, which would be just behind Arlene in the picture, and No. 20B on the first floor just above.  We own a share of this cottage and all other HPB properties, so the user charge is usually all we will need to pay.  For each apartment, this charge is £304.45 for the week, or about $475 at today’s exchange (04 Aug 2015).


Each apartment has its own dates of availability and costs.  The best deal available as of now is in 20B starting Week 26.  With the Friday changeover, that’s Friday July 1st through the Thursday July 7th.  There is only a small additional points charge for this week, so we would like to book it now!


Other options for this apartment are Week 28, July 15-21st.  This is the most costly option, working out to about £1,050, or around $1620.  There is also availability for the same cost in Week 29, July 22-28th, but this is cutting it pretty close for school.


The only option for 20A, the unit where we stayed in 2013, is Week 28, same as above.

These apartments are conveniently located and nicely equipped.  Here are some pictures of the rooms:

So if you want to enjoy this nice place, we need to act quickly.  The longer we wait, the higher the price goes, and the fewer rooms are available.  Let us know soon!