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Paris Tours

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If you want delve deeper into the sights you see or get around in a vehicle giving you more protection from the elements, you really need to experience a tour. Paris has a wealth of tour experiences both in and out of the city in a comfortable heated or air […]

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Maximize Your Experience

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As Americans head over to Europe, some for the first time, often the determining factor on where to go becomes the best package of hotel and airfare currently on offer by the many internet companies. So you book the flight and hotel and soon find yourself in a foreign destination not sure what to do […]

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Ancient Rome

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Anyone interested in art, architecture and Roman history should not miss an opportunity to see the Vatican Museum while in Rome .  But there is another ancient palace full of history and wonder: Nero’s Golden Palace, the Domus Aurea.  At the time of this writing, it is closed for further excavation and renovation, […]

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Prague Holiday

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Not long ago, we hopped off to Prague for a few days of R & R – which in this case meant research and relaxation. Research, as we wanted to look for the origin of a 19th century painting we bought in Italy a few years ago. The antique dealer we bought if from said it […]

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