Our Services

We have been traveling internationally for 40+ years, and as you might imagine, we have seen a lot and learned a lot. This site, which we began in 1995, is a result of our travels and experiences. We’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, what works and what doesn’t. Now it’s time to take all that experience and put it to work for you!

Why Travel Agents?

Yes, we surprised ourselves, but it was a natural progression for us. Our work career was spent introducing high value products and services to our clients. But as we progressed, we found ourselves doing more managing than dealing directly with customers ourselves. We missed that, but now we have the time to combine our travel experience with our love of helping our clients find the right products and services. We do what you may not want to do – all the background detail, searching and working with vendors to find you the best possible experience for your travel budget.

Why work with us?

If you have dealt directly with vendors or even other travel agents, you may have noticed that you don’t always get the same person. We don’t know about you, but we have found that frustrating. If you are dealing with us, you will get us – Arlene or David, and we will know about your trip, your needs and all the details you like taken care of when creating a travel experience. Best of all, it costs you nothing to use our services. Some agents add a service fee to help compensate for their time, but we do not. And we are affiliated with one of the top agencies in the country, Cruises and Tours Unlimited, who have the buying power of over 5,000 agents and $1.25m in annual sales. With that kind of clout, we have access to an unbelievable number of vendors, including all the major cruise lines.

So if you are looking at any kind of travel experience, please touch base. We would love to help you and will very much appreciate your business.