We are users of all kinds of travel services and accessories, so we often participate in reviews.  We believe that good service should be rewarded and that fellow travellers need to know. Conversely, when a provider gets it wrong, they deserve to be told and given a chance to correct their approach.

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Mother India in Athlone

It was a warm, bright evening when we checked in at Athlone, so we decided to explore. The waterfront was quite interesting, and we stumbled upon an Indian restaurant called Mother India. I do not believe we have ever had Indian food in Ireland, and quite honestly we...

Radisson Blu Hotel in Athlone, Ireland

We would have never believed that we would be seeking an air-conditioned hotel in Ireland - ever! But with temperatures climbing to 27ºC/81ºF, we were wishing for one. There weren't any, of course, or at least if they were, we were not in one, but the Radisson Blu...