We have just finished a most pleasant and relaxing stay at the Decoy Country Cottages, in County Meath.  We had not spent a lot of time in this area, and we found the location perfect from which to explore the Hill of Tara, Boyne battlefield, Newgrange and numerous other sites in the vicinity.  Close to the M3, this location is only about 45 minutes from Dublin either by car or train, so possibilities abound.

The accommodations were perfect, and the staff were friendly and helpful.  This is a self-catering location with a big kitchen, a nicely furnished lounge and a variety of bedroom configurations.  Our cottage had two bedrooms and full baths upstairs as well as a half bath on the main level.  There is a gated car park with controlled access to finish off a sense of security.  This place is exceedingly comfortable.

One of the cottages has been set aside as a gathering place with a larger screen television and a small exercise room.  There is lots of adjacent outside space and even a small playground the kids would appreciate.  There is satellite TV service, but if there is a downside, it is the internet access.  If you need to work (but, why, in a place like this?), this may not be the place for you, as the only internet access available in the area is via satellite.  Forget any possibility of watching YouTube or even uploading any but the smallest photos.  In fact, email sometimes may not even work.  Even voice service is quite spotty.

However, it must be said that this is completely beyond the control of the management. We understand that a 4G tower is planned in the area, and once that is installed, the cottages will be upgraded to take full advantage. If internet access is not that important to you, this place is perfect.  If you have to have it, until the upgrade takes place, you may find the frustration over your access issues would override any relaxation you would otherwise enjoy.  This is the only flaw in an otherwise wonderful location.