Norelco Travel Transformer

Years ago when we started traveling overseas, this Norelco Travel Transformer kit was the state of the art.  Most of our devices were built only for 110-125vac, 60 hertz power, so it was necessary to actually convert the voltage from 240vac down to 120vac.

Thankfully, things have changed a lot since then! Those old travel power adapters were often bulky and limited in their compatibility with different types of outlets and voltage standards around the world. They were also typically single-purpose, designed to fit specific regions or countries.

Travel Adapter

APzek Universal Travel Adapter

However, with advancements in technology, modern travel power adapters have become smaller, more compact, and versatile. And now, almost all devices are multi voltage, so the need to actually convert the voltage rarely occurs. Even hair dryers can be purchased that handle multiple voltages, although it is very rare to stay anywhere in Europe where they are not provided as a courtesy to the guests.

These new adapters often provide creative ways to access multiple plug types in one convenient plug. Most will incorporate built-in surge protection, and many offer USB ports for charging devices. This adapter is an example of today’s state of the art. It has USB ports and works in Europe, the UK, Australia or the US. There is no power conversion – this is simply a plug, but for most devices today, that is all you need.

The bottom line is that it is difficult to find anything you might take with you that will not handle multiple voltages – but a word to the wise…always check to be sure. This is especially true for any medical devices, such as CPAP machines. You will probably be OK, but just double check to be sure.

Here is a link to some recommended adapters that we hope you will find helpful…

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