As Americans head over to Europe, some for the first time, often the determining factor on where to go becomes the best package of hotel and airfare currently on offer by the many internet companies. So you book the flight and hotel and soon find yourself in a foreign destination not sure what to do next. If visions of romantic castles, medieval villages, scenic train trips and relaxing river cruises are forming in your mind, make sure you make them happen – why not book a tour?

maximize your experienceOrganized tours will make a difference between those memories and memories of long lines, stressful travel to the site, and in some cases missing the site altogether. Major cities in Europe have well-designed tours around the city to give you a good overview with narration in English. This will help you see the major sites, pass the long lines on entry and orient you to what’s available in the city. You see everything without having to take the time to figure out how to get there, increase your enjoyment and reduce the stress. After the overview city tour, you can pepper your holiday with another more specialized tour in the city or the surrounding area. Seeing the countryside in the UK or the outskirts of Paris, for example, will give you a different perspective on the country and enrich your experience. And it will be accomplished in at least half the time it would take you on your own.

Booking the tour before you get there will give you direction and increase your anticipation of the good things to come. It will assure that you have a place on the tour, as some of the popular ones can sell out, and it locks in a price and increases the quality time you will have available on your trip. When you book you will have the telephone number of the operator, so if you need to change the day after you arrive, you can call and do so, provided the tour is offered on the day of your change.

So skip the lines at the Vatican Museums, the Tower of London, and the Louvre, book a tour and focus on enjoying the experience not the stress of getting there and getting in. And don’t forget those trips out to the countryside, they may turn out to be the most memorable. A trip out of London to the charming Cotswold villages, a trip out of Paris to the Normandy beaches or a cruise out of Venice down the scenic Brenta Canal may be the images that leave the most lasting impressions.

With the Internet, booking these tours before you go is just one more website after your airline and hotel site. So go to our Savvy Travler Tour Site, select the city and pick the tours, sites, theatre seats, and even city passes to museums. Ensure that your European vacation is everything you want it to be, know before you go, book that tour today!