The Holiday Inn Express in Windsor is a convenient hotel just a couple of blocks from the area’s main shopping district.  the rate was excellent for the area. Located just off a roundabout of the A308, it is easily reached by Motorway and a dual carriageway running almost to the hotel.  The rooms were comfortable, and facilities were better than might be expected from a chain of this price range.  However, our stay was not without problems.

Our first issue was with the internet (again).  Upon request, you will be provided a little ticket with access codes for one computer for your stay.  That’s one computer.  If there are two of you, and/or if you have an iPhone or iPad you’d like to update, forget it.  More are available for a charge, but this is really pretty bad in today’s world.

The other problem we encountered was staff availability.  We had a problem with the heating system, but we could not reach anyone on the telephone to help us resolve it.  When we finally went downstairs, we found the front desk short-staffed with the only available employee pouring drinks for the large “happy hour” crowd.  Finally, we were given instructions that helped resolve our problem, but the process took way too long.

Parking can also be a problem.  Upon arrival, we secured a space in the underground car park.  It was very tight, and we actually hit the boot lid on the ceiling when we attempted to open it to retrieve our luggage.  I had to go out for a business meeting, and when I returned, the car park was completely full.  I finally located a space on the street outside, but we would have obviously preferred the car in the secure area.  Thankfully, a large police station was next door with a good bit of regular activity, so all turned out well, but if those spaces had all been filled (as they were later in the evening), I have no idea where we could have put the car.

Altogether, we would rate this hotel 8/10.