Somewhere in Europe, there is a little guy running around selling hotels the most flawed internet access system ever known to man, and he must be pretty good because we now see it everywhere.  If you go into a hotel and they hand you a little piece of paper with a 4-digit login and password, be ready to pull your hair out.  Out of probably 12 hotels we have encountered this year with this system, I do not honestly believe that more than 2 worked, and those were marginal.  In this day and time, there is simply no excuse to put guests through all this.  We tried 3 different sets of codes on 2 different computers in this hotel, all to no avail.  Finally, we had to stand in the lobby and wait for the computer to be available just to get our boarding passes printed.

And so went our stay at the Bayerischer Hof.

This stately property was built in 1834 and has undergone several renovations over the years, including one just completed in 2013.  It is very historic, and it has everyone one might expect from such a property.  Our room was very large with lots of storage, a flat screen television and easy to access heating controls.  We enjoyed a good meal in the panelled dining room, which is also apparently a favourite of the locals.

The hotel has a very unique parking system – a car lift from the street level down to two levels of underground parking.  Unfortunately, just trying to find the place was maddening, requiring negotiation of a series of alleyways and narrow streets.  There is temporary parking in front of the hotel, however, note that the street is one way coming across the front of the hotel from right to left.  Be certain to get detailed instructions from the front desk, or even better ask for someone to drive with you to the entrance to the car park.

Assuming you actually find the hotel, simply enter the car lift with the car, pulling through until the red “stop” light shows.  Be sure to turn off your engine before the doors close!  If possible, park on the first underground level (UG1), as there is level access to the reception area and lift to the rooms.  The second level (UG2) has no lift.

All this negotiation and trying to figure out where to park made our check-in seem like hours, and our internet problems just added to all the frustration.  All in all, this hotel provides a nice room and good service, but they are let down by the internet system which is a kind of deal killer for us.  We will give them a good rating on the basis of the hotel room, but if you need internet access you may want to think twice.

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