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If you think France is just Paris you are in for a delightful surprise.  It is one of the most blessed countries on earth, with majestic mountains, historic battlegrounds, impressive chateaus, rolling acres of vineyards, lively marinas, and quaint villages with cobbled stone streets. And some of the best cheeses, wines and food in general.  Several major regions provide for varied experiences beyond Paris.  We have recently visited some new areas and will be writing about These trips shortly.  In the Interim, please feel free to take a look at the tours of all areas.

The Alsace – Bordering Germany with a unique Franco-Germanic feel.

The French Riviera – Along the Med with colorful marinas, waterfront dining and sunbathing.

Step Back in Time with a visit to Southwest France

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We have travelled through many beautiful regions of France in the past but the southwest somehow eluded us. So this year was the one to take a sample and see if it warranted more extensive [...]

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