austrian flagAustria is a beautiful country with quaint villages overlooking crystal clear lakes and surrounded by towering mountains. It’s like looking at a picture postcard every way you turn.  Hallstatt, pictured below, is one of the quintessential towns that is very much worth a visit, but the entire area, especially in the Lake District south of Salzburg is filled with beauty.

But don’t forget the cities as well. All are filled with other kinds of beauty, a kind of Baroque architectural blend between Italy, France and Germany. We are particularly fond Salzburg and Vienna. Salzburg could be described as the “music city” of Europe with the big Salzburg Festival crowning the scene.  Salzburg is also a city of great beauty with the majestic Hellbrunn Palace as well as many other interesting and historical sites.  Everyone loves the Sound of Music, much of which you probably know was filmed in the Salzburg area.  Why not take the Sound of Music Tour and see the famous gazebo and other spots you will recognise from the film?  There are lots of tours to satisfy every interest, so be sure to take a look at our Salzburg Tour page.

We’ve spent more than a few winter evenings on the tarmac in Vienna waiting for a plane to be de-iced for the trip back to London, but much better memories (especially in summer) include music in the Kursalon and just sampling the sites, sounds and tastes of this interesting city.  Here too there are more things to do than you can get done without an organised plan, which is where our Vienna Tours come in.

While you are in Austria you may also want to visit InnsbruckBratislava or even Budapest. And be sure to check out our hotels page to book your hotels before you go!


Trip to Austria ~ June/July 2016

Trip to Austria ~ June/July 2016

Viehhofen, Austrian Alps We'll be staying in Viehhofen, in Cottage No. 20, owned by the UK Holiday Property Bond. Viehhofen is about 200km from Munich and about 85km south of Salzburg. Munich is probably going to be the best point of arrival.  There are 3 apartments...

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