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Slovenia is a relatively small country, but as the saying goes, all good things come in small packages. If you compare the size of Slovenia, it’s roughly the size of Wales or half the size of Switzerland, tucked into a mountainous corner between Austria, Italy, Hungary, and the Adriatic Sea. Despite its modest size, Slovenia is big in what it has to offer to its visitors.

There are a few countries in Europe that could offer such a magnificent mixture of history, nature, things to do and see, activities and leisure. We have something for everyone, majestic Alps with their glacial valleys, rivers and lakes, mysterious Karst caves, warm Adriatic. In just one holiday you can explore the underground world of the Postojna Caves system, walk in the clean mountain air of the Triglav National Park, climb the peaks of the Julian Alps and admire medieval treasures of old cities and towns.

If you are looking for a peaceful, value for money destination with mountains, lakes, seaside, ski resorts, health spar resorts, historic cities and villagers, castles and churches, then discover “little – big” Slovenia!

Coast and Karst…the region loved by the sun

Piran Slovenia

Piran, Slovenia

Yellow is the colour of the sun that strokes the picturesque Mediterranean towns on the Adriatic coast, its rays infatuated with the beauty of the karst region planted with olive groves and vineyards, with peach orchards and cherry trees. Some of the most beautiful underground worlds of our planet lie below their roots. There are more then 6000 karst caves and sinkholes in Slovenia, and ten of these treasuries, those of limestone masterpieces created by disappearing karst rivers have been adapted and opened for tourists.

Lakes & Mountains…the kingdom of friendly peaks

slovenian alps

Slovenian Alps

Imposing but accessible mountain beauties invite you to experience the Julian Alps, the Karavanke Mountains, the Kamniško-Savinjske Alps and many solitary peaks. According to an old Slavic legend, Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak (2864 m), is a three headed-god whom keeps a watchful eye over the earth, the sky and the underworld. Below, the mountain spreads the Triglav National Park , covering 84,805 hectares (~210,000 acres). The sources of the Sava and Soca rivers are here, along with the beautiful Seven LakesValley.

We have some wonderful personalised tours available, including our Slovenia Custom Tour, which departs from Ljubljana. We also offer a variety of packaged tours of Ljubljana and Slovenia that should fill every interest and budget. Please contact us for detailed information.

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