Eastern Europe

Even though many of the countries are now members of the European Union, Eastern Europe is still a mystery to many western travelers, especially from the US.  But, great experiences await, and the really good news is that prices are generally well below those in Western European countries.  While each country has its own unique identity, some remind us of other places we have visited.  Croatia, for instance, has a distinctly Italian flavor in many areas.

We are still looking forward to having the opportunity to experience more of this interesting part of the world, however we have spent several days in Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.  Each stands out for different reasons.  We were impressed especially with the seaside towns and near-coastal areas of Croatia, the sheer beauty of Slovenia and the grand elegance of the cafe society in Prague, Czech Republic.  We also spent a very pleasant evening at the opera in Bratislava, Slovakia, which was offered as a side tour from Vienna.  It was great, and the price was a fraction of what a similar experience in Vienna would have cost.

Our advice is, as always, go with the reviews first when planning your trip.  This is especially true in Eastern Europe where sometimes the accommodations don’t quite turn out as advertised.  We usually choose a bit higher grade hotel there, generally looking for 4+ star places. But wherever you say, you will enjoy yourself and probably end up saving some money in the process!

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