We had just arrived in Enniskillen and were looking for someplace for dinner. Using our TripAdvisor app, we found Dollakis Greek Restaurant and decided to try it. We were offered their Meze menu, which included a big variety of selections. It was one of those 1 from column A / 2 from column B kinds of selections, but it all worked out, and we soon had a large variety of food in front us. Everything was quite tasty, and we all had a great time.

If there was any downside, it would be that the table was pretty small and there were a lot of dishes. Many of the dishes were meant to serve 2, so you might find yourself sharing one with your partner and another with another member of your party. It was all very tight and made for a little confusion, but this was easily overlooked with the enjoyable quality of the food.

We were also puzzled as to why we were only offered a Meze menu. It was good, and we probably would have ordered from it, anyway, but we saw others ordering from a full menu before we left.

Still, it was a pleasant evening with a great variety of good food!

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July 2016