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We are constantly amazed at how few people know about Annecy, France. Perhaps the French want to keep a few places just for themselves, and this is one of them!  Often called the Venice of the Alps, Annecy has spectacular scenery with a beautiful lake framed by the mountains […]

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Paris Tours

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If you want delve deeper into the sights you see or get around in a vehicle giving you more protection from the elements, you really need to experience a tour. Paris has a wealth of tour experiences both in and out of the city in a comfortable heated or air […]

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Step Back in Time with a visit to Southwest France

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We have travelled through many beautiful regions of France in the past but the southwest somehow eluded us. So this year was the one to take a sample and see if it warranted more extensive exploration in the future. The verdict was an astounding yes.

Since everyone always needs a little Paris, after a few fun […]

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Paris – City of Lights

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Sacre CourParis is many things to many people, the city of light, the city of romance, the city of gourmet food and wine, and a city with a history rich in ideals, art and fashion. Paris is a city with much to see and do. It […]

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The Marais in Paris

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For a Great Day in Paris, visit the Marais:

When you arrive in Paris, it is often an overwhelming experience. Rushing from monuments to major museums, gets you to see the sights but not always feel the pulse of the city and its people. Part of the fun of travel is imagining everyday life in your […]

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The D-Day Experience

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A D-Day Travel Experience

The year 2014 marked the 70th anniversary of D-Day. No matter how much you read, see and hear about this moment in history, only a visit to Normandy can allow you to really appreciate the enormity of the task performed by our […]

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