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Many people think England is the United Kingdom, but in fact it is just a part. It is by far the largest part of the land mass within Great Britian (geographically the larger of the two British Isles). England is steeped in rich history – every way you turn there is something of historical significance…a castle, a battlefield or even a church graveyard.

In England, we drive on the left side of the road…in a right hand drive car.  Confused already?  Then the best way for you to see England is probably by a tour. There are great tours available where the driving will be done for you, and you can just sit back, relax and learn about the great history of this beautiful country.

Not your usual Car Hire company

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Car Hire Companies are out of control!  Need to hire a car in Europe?  The state of the industry is terrible! Practically all the car hire companies won't even rent to you unless you take their [...]

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