British Isles

“British Isles” is technically a geographic term, but most people use it interchangeably with the Great Britian and the United Kingdom (UK).  It includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, all of which taken together comprise one of the richest travel destinations on earth. Where else can you see Scottish shaggy cows, Celtic dance, Roman antiquities, misty moors and river narrow boats, all in one country? Castles, art treasures, history, and pageantry are the hallmarks of British Isles.

We’ve spent a lot of time there, and we continue to return to enjoy the riches this country has to offer and yes, to always learn more. We will make recommendations of the best things to do step by step, with an emphasis on using major cities as a base and sightseeing the countryside from each city by way of day tours. If you have never been to London, this is definitely the place to start. From London head to the English countryside or on to Scotland, Wales or Ireland, where life is a little slower and the scenery is a lot greener. And, if driving on the left is just too much to bear, why not take a tour and leave the driving to someone else? We have a wide range of day and overnight trips to enrich your experience without ever having to get behind the wheel.

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