Most mobile providers have roaming plans that will allow you to use your phone when overseas. But if you ask any seasoned traveler, you may hear of a name you did not expect: Google FI.

That’s right, Google! After a small and somewhat quiet entry into the marketplace 2019. Today, they are becoming recognized as one of the best, if not THE best, international mobile plan available to US subscribers today. Most late model phones are supported, although as you might expect, Google phones get the most bang for the buck. They, along with some Android devices, support Carrier Switching, a unique feature that moves chooses the best available signal from a number of providers aligned with Google.

Without that, phones, such as iPhones, are serviced by T-Mobile in the US, Google’s back-end supplier, and no slouch with one of the most extensive 5G networks in the country. Click here for a list of all devices currently supported by Google Fi. Although physical SIM cards are available, most later model phones support eSim technology, which makes setup a snap. Everything is managed right online with a support rep close by if needed. We set up our first iPhone 12 Pro in about 30 minutes, and the second was even less!

Pricing is as good as or better than the major US carriers. (Fi is only available to US residents.) There are currently 3 levels of plans from Flexible, starting as low as $20 monthly + data usage to Unlimited Plus, from $65 monthly for unlimited data, talk and text and including international roaming for one device. International travelers will want to go for Unlimited Plus, which is an easy set it and forget it plan ideal for travel. Better yet, this plan is as low as $40 monthly per user if you have 4 or more devices on one account. (Note: Monthly prices do not include taxes and gov’t fees.)

But don’t take my word for it; click here to learn all about Google Fi and sign up!